Chris vs Brandon

Episode 91: Post E3

Chris and Brandon discuss E3 2017, WWE, and Vegas.

Chris vs Brandon

Episode 66: Virtual Reality


Chris vs Brandon

Episode 62: Surviving Survivor Series


Chris vs Brandon

Episode 58: The Women Go To Hell


Chris vs Brandon

Episode 55: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Chris and Brandon discuss WWE No Mercy, forgetting things while traveling, the Power Rangers trailer, MCU vs DCEU, and more.

Chris vs Brandon

Episode 53: Island Clash

Chris and Brandon talk about Realm Food Co., dealing with hecklers, and WWE Clash Of Champions.

Chris vs Brandon

Episode 51: Fast Food Backlash

Chris and Brandon discuss WWE Backlash, fantasy book Heath Slater, talk fast food, rank pizzarias, and discuss the future of ChrisGaskin.net

Chris vs Brandon

Episode 49: Cover This

Chris and Brandon discuss Mr. Fuji, Finn Balor, cover songs, and Miley Cyrus.

Chris vs Brandon

Episode 48: SummerSlam (2016)

Chris and Brandon discuss NXT and WWE SummerSlam.

Chris vs Brandon

Episode 45: Tired and Wired

Chris and Brandon discuss space, theories behind infinite, the console version of Kerbal Space Program, and the new era of WWE..

Upcoming Shows

Looks like Chris doesn’t have any shows lined up at the moment. However, he probably just isn’t keeping on top of updating his website. Check back soon for an updated calendar.

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