It’s my birthday!

Today I turn 30 years old, or “Over the hill,” as my girlfriend jokes. In all seriousness, living with a congenital heart defect means that may actually be the case. So, here’s a list of 30 things I appreciate in the world.

  1. Cuddling with my girlfriend (clothing optional)
  2. Making my girlfriend smile
  3. Making an audience laugh as hard as possible
  4. A new joke that just works
  5. A Paul Heyman promo
  6. A Shinsuke Nakamura entrance, and his matches.
  7. Bobby Roode proving that entrance music can instantly make you a made man
  8. Seeing past wrestling friends reach new heights (Kyle O’Reilly winning the ROH World Championship, Bollywood Boys in WWE, Nicole Matthews in NXT)
  9. Video games that tell interesting stories
  10. Playing video games with friends who are thousands of miles away
  11. Going to the movies in the afternoon on a weekday
  12. Getting a Greyhound bus seat to yourself
  13. Getting the whole row on a flight to yourself (this is almost impossible in Canada)
  14. Cereal boxes that come with a toy
  15. Bluffing your way to victory with 7-2 offsuit
  16. Getting pocket aces
  17. A neighborhood that doesn’t mess around when it comes to Halloween
  18. $1 bottles of Pepsi at Dollarama
  19. Watching young comedians figure things out
  20. A nice cup of tea
  21. Bluetooth earbuds
  22. Learning something new on YouTube
  23. The “Animals Being Jerks” subreddit
  24. Anytime Jeff Gerstmann disagrees with Dan Ryckert
  25. Jason Agnew hanging up on people
  26. Having such a good time that you miss the New Year’s countdown
  27. Watching Die Hard on Christmas
  28. Watching everyone’s reaction when they realized Trump was going to win
  29. Taking my friend’s toy pomeranian for a walk and whenever someone says, “Aww, cute!” I respond with, “Thanks! I’ve been doing squats.”
  30. Betty White surviving through 2016 (maybe)

Also, starting in January I will be attempting an experiment that you, my family, friends, and fans can get involved in (somewhat). I will be posting more information on that tomorrow.

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