Bodybuilder Injects Arms With Toxin to Resemble The Hulk – IGN

BY KATIE WILLIAMS A Brazilian bodybuilder’s arms began to turn to “rock” as he injected his muscles with toxins in an attempt to look like The Hulk. 25-year-old Romario Dos Santos Alves first began injecting himself with synthol – a mix of alcohol and oil – three years ago to make his muscles appear larger. He soon grew addicted, with his biceps eventually growing to 25 inches. However, toxins in the fillers began to cause him constant pain and health issues.” I remember the doctor told me that they would need to amputate both arms,” he told Daily Mail. “They […] Read More»

Bill Burr’s Brilliant Answer to “Can Women Be Funny?” (Video)

Bill Burr is arguably the best working comedian today (Louis C.K., Doug Stanhope, Dave Chappelle, and countless others could be thrown into this ring.) During an interview at Just For Laughs, Bill is asked by the interviewer, “Can women be funny?” I could write an editorial about my views on that question, but I would like to get laid in the next century. However, Bill brings up a few very valid points. Read More»

Vancouver Wrestler in Japan (Video)

Having spent a decent amount of time in pro-wrestling, has given me the opportunity to meat some fantastic performers. When asked which of the matches I’ve reffed for was the best I’d have to say hands down it was at the PGX in 2006 and it was a singles match between El Phantasmo and Kyle O’Reilly. Now El Phantasmo is arguably the most popular (and hated) man in Vancouver promotion Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling, and Kyle O’Reilly is the current (as of 8/11/2014) Pro Wrestling Guerrilla  World Champion and Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion. His first match in Japan […] Read More»

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