Chris Gaskin -- November 11, 2016 at 8:59 pm

The past week has been pretty crazy. Can’t wait to record the next episode of Chris vs. Brandon. 2.0

Greetings beautiful people, and welcome to the new and improved I’m very excited about the creation and release of the update, and it’s only going to get better and better. All your favourite stuff (podcasts, blog posts, etc.) is still here, so have no fear. Here is a list of changes made. Designed from the ground up, using W3.CSS to give you a fast, beautiful, and mobile experience. Simple updates, photo galleries, and podcast posts have been designed to appear separately from the rest of the blog. Podcasts can be downloaded with one simple click. A brand new about […] Read More»

From Benny’s Bagels

Greetings all, I’m sitting at Benny’s Bagels listening to other comedians work out material, getting some use out of this WordPress for Android App.  The open mic is co-run by Jordan Ducharme and Mack O’Caoimh, two guys who I’ve really been enjoying watching as of late. They host a show that runs a gamut of fantastic clandestine comedians, to the clinically insane. This is the norm for pretty much any open mic comedy show. The venue serves cheap beer and good bagels. Sometimes, they even have musicians play the comedians on and off. If you live in Vancouver and have nothing […] Read More»

The Comics’ Table

Today I get to announce my first foray into producing my very own “comedy” show. Please note that the word comedy is in quotations as this is an experimental show. I’m very excited. Psyched about this! Comedians will be announced April 5th, 7th, 12th, and 14th. Posted by Chris Gaskin on Monday, April 4, 2016 Head to for more details Read More»

Finally Updating This Site

As a few of you know I’ve been very slow to roll out updates and podcasts on my website this year. Needless to say I’ve been very busy, not only in my professional life, but in my personal life as well. So here’s a few updates. Update 1: IWC Radio is no more, Brandon and myself will still be doing a podcast, but we are currently in the middle of rebranding, and will be taking a (albeit brief) hiatus. When we are ready to launch the new podcast we will announce it on our Twitter feeds, so look forward to […] Read More»


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